The 'View To A Future' Garden - 2003 Chelsea Flower Show




hazel murray

Hazel Murray

Hazel Murray came up with the original concept and design for the garden, and has been responsible for bringing it to fruition. Drawing together a committed team of amateurs and professionals, she has over the past twelve months come to grips with such diverse tasks as construction scheduling, factual research, the production of press materials, and sourcing assorted items from Italy -including a dry stone wall! Hazel is a well-known member of Sky’s team of weather presenters. She made her name in Capital Radio’s Flying Eye traffic spotting plane as the evening broadcaster. During that time she published a book of her aerial photographs of London, entitled, “Capital London – Focus from the Flying Eye”. Hazel and her husband Dominic have successfully cultivated a hundred wine producing vines in southwest London. Apart from gardening, one of her main loves is travel - she has crossed the Sahara three times, loves nothing better than going on safari in a tent on the top of a Land Rover; and closer to home, has had many holidays in France, and of course Italy. Hazel has a first class degree in Mathematics, and has completed courses at the Meteorological College at Bracknell. She has taken two weeks leave from her weather duties at Sky to help create and man the garden.


dominic dichiera

Dominic Dichiera

Dominic Dichiera was born and brought up in Australia, but his parents are originally from Italy. After leaving Australia he worked for Sky, then spent a year living and working in Rome, and he loves all things Italian. He is passionate about wine, and for the last six years he and Hazel have cultivated what they believe is the only working vineyard in Greater London. The wine, called Redlees Rosé, comes from their Clock Tower Vineyard in Isleworth. By profession he is a senior broadcast engineer at Channel 4, and he created the sound system for the garden, as well as being instrumental in building some of the hard landscaping. His main love though is photography, his shots of both Africa and Italy are available through a photographic library, and his pictures of Tuscany were the inspiration for this garden.


Jos O’Donovan

Jos O’Donovan is an enthusiastic amateur gardener, who describes herself as always learning. Professionally she works as a strategic manager for Poole Local Education Authority. She vehemently opposes vivisection, and she and her husband have a pet beagle, Brian, who was originally bred for laboratory experimentation. Until recently much of her spare time was spent as a tennis line-judge, and she officiated at many Wimbledon finals, as well as at the Olympic Games in both Barcelona and Atlanta. She has been a full time member of the team, contributing to the planning, building and planting of the garden, as well as helping to man it for the show.


Hazel Davies

Hazel Davies is an expert plantswoman, trained at Kew. She is a full-time gardener, and has designed and built many gardens in south-west London. She is an enthusiastic painter, particularly with watercolours, and she drew up the original garden plans that were submitted to Chelsea. In particular she is a vital member of the planting team, and will help in manning the garden during the show.


Julie Dene

Julie Dene is a professional illustrator, and created the initial sketch of the garden. She has designed a range of 3D greetings cards, and also illustrated the books based on the famous escapee pigs Butch and Sundance. Rabbits though are her passion, and she has kept up to forty at a time in the garden! Julie originally intended to help build and plant the garden at Chelsea, but instead found her time taken up with the arrival of a new baby.


Fiona Tankard

An honorary member of the team, Fiona Tankard is the “Italian Connection”. She has lived in Umbria for nine years with her husband Alan, restoring a rundown farmhouse. She is a qualified English teacher trainer and author of a number of educational books, the most recent being a children’s book “Letters from Around the World; Italy”. In 2001, having noticed a gap in the market, Fiona persuaded a British magazine publishers to start up italy magazine; she is now editor and the magazine comes out in the UK every two months. An invaluable source of information, she helped to find some of the Italian artefacts, and spent a lot of frustrating time on the phone co-ordinating the collection and freight of the dry stone wall – Italians don’t like to rush things!

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