The 'View To A Future' Garden - 2003 Chelsea Flower Show

Inspired by a glimpse of an olive grove from a Tuscan wayside, this garden gives hints of how the effects of global warming could change our gardening practices, and indeed the very nature of our countryside, in less than a hundred years.

Best Courtyard Garden
Silver Gilt Flora

artists impression

Courtyard Garden RM11

It is a beautiful and serene space in its own right, with a dramatic carpet of wildflowers surrounding an old gnarled olive tree, and fronted by a crumbling dry stone wall encrusted with lichen and pockets of vegetation. On a practical note, this design could form the basis of a plan for any sloping garden.

The latest research shows that average summer temperatures in parts of southern Britain could rise by up to 3°C within the next fifty years, leading to the development of a climate more like that of the present-day Mediterranean. This garden shows how our countryside and gardens may develop, and how they could mirror climate change through a combination of opportunity and necessity.

The issues raised by global warming are huge and far-reaching, and they will extend to areas of life well beyond the garden. Perhaps though, getting to grips with the imminent changes in our own backyards will help us to become more aware of the wider implications – not just for the British Isles, but for our planet as a whole.

And so… my hope is that this garden of the imagination illustrates what may happen, and reveals a “View to A Future” – our future.

Hazel Murray

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