The Vineyard Vision Garden

Hazeldene Gardeners

Hampton Court Flower Show 2004 - Plot F16

The Story of the Garden

The planting is of whites, pinks and clarets, lifted by the occasional touch of lilac/blue, and set off by fine grass. The plants are mainly those with a natural (or imagined) affinity to vines in an English setting. Featuring:-
Roses (traditionally planted with vines to pre-warn of powdery mildew) (inc. some but not all of: Osiria and/or Veilchenblau , and/or New Dawn , and/or Felicite et Perpetue , and/or Adelaide D'Orleans) Creeping Thyme, and of course vines, ( Triomphe and Dunkelfelder ), sourced from English vineyards where they were otherwise to be grubbed up for replacement by other varieties or new stock.

The small circular flower beds around the vine-wire support poles are a carpet of white, with ‘lollipop' type pink or claret blooms growing through. Plants here, in the central borders, and in the outside edging include:
Cerastium (Snow-in-Summer), Dianthus (Raspberry Pink & Sweetness), Nemesia, Campanula (White Clips), Verbena (White Aztec) . The beds are edged with end-on silvery slate. The small circular beds around the vines feature cobbles and slate (both traditional mulches for vines for weed suppression and warmth), and echo the planting circles. The slate is also used to edge and decorate the terrace and path, which features patterns of concentric circles using pebbles/cobbles/pink granite sets. The paved areas also feature sunken upturned wine bottles, some of which will be illuminated at night, as will the green glass globes on the vine-wire support poles.

The back of the gazebo is planted with mature vines, traditional in Mediterranean countries, whilst at the front there are climbers for colour and scent, including roses and possibly clematis. The gazebo, of brushed steel with abstract glass decoration, is constructed around the terrace – although symmetrical, it is free-form, its organic design echoing the growing habit of the vines; it encloses the circular terrace, which in turn features a semi-circular bench of Indian Peacock slate. The posts supporting the vine wires mirror the materials and design of the gazebo, as does the water feature at the front.

The sides of the garden where the smaller vines are planted are flat-topped hummocks approximately half a metre high; these flank the plot and curve up and around the rear of the gazebo, providing a back for the slate seat. On their inner sides the banks drop down steeply to either side of the central lawn. These banks feature narrow borders of white planting which will trail down over the outer slate-clad side edges of the garden.

The central path is flanked on each side by a rill and planted border.

A tightly planted evergreen screen provides a backdrop to the garden.

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