The Vineyard Vision Garden

Hazeldene Gardeners

Hampton Court Flower Show 2004 - Plot F16

Garden Vision

This design was inspired by our small London vineyard set up as a hobby on allotments seven years ago…..

‘A hot day working in the vines, a doze, a dream, a vision……

……..of the idealised English vineyard garden.'

The garden is not designed to reflect the realities of a vineyard - that is where its roots are, but it is transformed Cinderella-like into a relaxing and serene space. The old shed is re-invented as a graceful gazebo, the hummocky grass becomes bowling green perfect, tangled snakes of hosepipe turn into rills, the dripping tap into a water feature, while pernicious weeds evolve into elegant borders.

The planting and materials utilise a restrained colour palette – echoing the colours and forms of vines, wines and associated paraphernalia. The concept is one of formal simplicity, created through a subtle fusion of both contemporary and traditional materials, to evoke calm and tranquility.

The garden chimes with the current interest in English wine, which is now establishing an excellent reputation. It also reflects the number of vineyards in England and Wales , over 300 currently, and climate change means that these are likely to become ever more prolific and geographically widespread over the next fifty years. There is also a natural link with the vineyard to be planted at Wisley in this, the RHS Bi-Centenary year.

On a personal note, this garden is a celebration of the fruits of seven years work on our one hundred vines in Redlees Park , with the arrival of our first sparkling champagne-style wine – Redlees Rose Razzamatazz!

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